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Launching a digital clinic for mental health care that offers evidence-based, cost-efficient, and outcome-driven solutions to those in need anytime, anywhere.


Identity, Branding, Strategy, Design and Social Media

Mitsu is a mental healthcare self-therapy app that aims to support people with anxious and depressive feelings. The app was launched recently, prior to which, the brand was focused on building a community that understands, relates, and wishes to know more about one's overall well-being.

The founder, Amit Singh envisioned to bring digital therapeutic solutions for mental healthcare in India. He wanted to enable the new generation to be aware of their mental and emotional state and get access to outcome-driven, accessible and affordable care.

Amit approached us to create an identity, design the branding and create an online presence through social media. We were honored to take up this project and bring it to life.

Brand Name


noun. /"mit-su'/

The meaning of the word in both Japanese and Sanskrit roughly translates to light. A metaphor and symbol for hope and positivity.

Brand identity

We designed the Mitsu logo to signify sunshine amidst a bright blue sky. The brand name in blue denotes the sky, while the semicircle over the three letters symbolizes light (sun). As Mitsu, in Sanskrit, means light, we wanted our logo to convey the meaning of “light in the world of darkness”.


The bright colors were chosen to drift away from the traditional use of pastel colors to signify a mental healthcare logo. The core colors, blue and yellow in the logo signify calmness and optimism respectively. We defined the secondary colors to create a visual contrast with the core colors.


Poppins was chosen as the official title font and avenir as the subtext font to be used for all creatives related to Mitsu. It was chosen because it is a clean and readable typeface. We use the different weights of Poppins and Avenir (bold and medium) to create a typographical hierarchy

Poppins - Bold


ABCDEFGH, abcdefgh, 12345, #$^&*

Poppins - Medium


ABCDEFGH, abcdefgh, 12345, #$^&*

Avenir Roman


ABCDEFGH, abcdefgh, 12345, #$^&*




Communication Strategy

We defined an overall communication strategy which included doing a competitor analysis, defining content pegs, and creating an initial design bank draft. In order to define the target audience, we had to first research about their demographics, social characteristics, needs and their motivation/demotivation.

Creating a social presence

We wanted to create a simple, yet effective content strategy for Mitsu. With the aim of educating the audience about different mental health conditions and how Mitsu can help them understand and treat it better, the prime focus was to make mental health care stigma-free in the first place.

Textual Content

Informative single
screen or carousel sets
for education or
experience sharing

Graphic Content

infographics, GIFs,
subtle illustrations,
and memes

Audio Content

Podcasts, short
audio notes turned
into reels with

Video Content

Tutorials, webinars,
customer testimonials,
conceptual reels

Instagram Designs

Creating a visual treat for the audience with color coded grids, unique illustrations , and a blend of different topics.

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